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Thank you to Blue Heron Glass Etching in the Country Walk Shops for doing an excellent job on our new glasses! Cheers

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The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. I would guess they should be in full bloom by next week! And the weather should be warmer! ☀️ Take advantage of our ‘Stay 3 nights for the price of 2’ while we still have rooms available!

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A fresh batch of Door County Toffee has arrived!! My absolute favorite candy!

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Buddy’s watching the front door!

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Had a delicious date night on the opening night of the new Chop restaurant! I love the bright interior, the view is unbeatable and of course the food was outstanding! An A+

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Finally a nice, sunny day! ☀️ Perfect for working outside!

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CHOP Restaurant - Door County

Can’t wait for the new Chop to open!

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The daffodils are in bloom so it must be spring, right?! Thinking sunny ☀️ thoughts!

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Just finished a makeover in the Winston Suite! On to the Clementine Suite!

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We are getting a lot of fresh fluffy snow! This week would be a great time to hit the trails in Peninsula or Newport Park or just chill in front of one of our fireplaces with a glass of wine !

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